Europe's Biggest Marathons 

Since 2012 I publish more or less regularly information on Marathon races in Europe on this site. The tables and figures are taken from a data base, in which I collect information on the number of finishers and some additional information at morr thean 300 marathon events in Europe, which accounted in total for about 600 000 finishers in 2014. It is not the aim to list all marathon races, which would be extremely ambitious. But since the most important races in most countries are covered, the data base is estimated to cover about 90% of all marathon finishers in Europe- Thus, it allows to draw a representative picture of development in Europe.  


In 2012 and 2013 reports on Marathons in Europe ahve been published in booklets bein offered at a price of 16 € each. To be honest, the time spent to write these booklets was not proportiate to the income generated by the sales. Therefore I decided to produce no booklet and to publish some additional information on this website instead. 

Here, a first ranking for 2016 kann be found





Europe's Biggest Marathons '16
Interim Results April 29th, 2016


Subsequent you find an overview on the years 2011 to 2015  



Europe's Biggest Marathons '15
Final Result
Europe's Biggest Marathons '14
Final results
Europe's Biggest Marathons '13
Final results
Europe 2013 final.pdf [ 36.7 KB ]
Europe's Biggest Marathons '12
Final result
Europe's Biggest Marathons '11


More detailes data on 2015 can be found here